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7th January 2009

10:47am: Aliens and Sesquipedalians
I love it... Going back through my LJ, I find these random-ass posts from every few months or so, and almost all of them are apologetic about how long it's been since my last post. That is so fucking hilarious, to me. I never really use LJ anymore, obviously. I have had to change my password the last three or four times I even logged in, because I always forget what it is.  It's not a huge loss, really. I don't usually have much to say of interest anyway, and the sites that I do update regularly (Facebook, and to a lesser extent, Myspace,) don't even feature any kind of regularly kept blog. I am just bad about these kinds of things. Also, it'd probably be pretty depressing after a while to see how sort of stagnant my life has become, of late.

Things are not all looking down, however! Derek has a great job now, and I think he's really finding it to be pretty fulfilling. He gets along well with teens, so it's a good fit for him, and he works full time, and long hours, but it's only three days a week! I have been looking at jobs with the postal service (random!) even though working for the government may not be the great alternative it once was, given the current state of affairs. I want to find something, even something part time, because I'm just tired of being stuck in the house, and not having anything to do. (This is made even more acute by the fact that my World of Warcraft account is frozen until I pay for more play time. XD Yes! It's true.)

I've been looking at classes at the local community college lately. I think if I'd thought of it sooner, I might have been able to get a fee waiver of some sort to go back to school, to at least take a class or two. I would like to get back into the college environment again, and I really would ultimately like to be in grad school, but I know that's going to be a long process, as the only school on the west coast I'd even consider is in Seattle, WA. The thing about an out of state school is that Derek's company is only in California, so he couldn't get an in-house transfer, and the other thing is, I need to live in that state for at least a year before I can get residency and have my tuition nearly halved. Grad school is not as expensive as I thought it'd be, but it'll be a hell of a lot cheaper if I live in the state of the college I'm attending before I start taking classes. This makes me a little sad, because I wanted to be in grad school sooner than later.

So, all that pretty much says that I'm going a bit stir crazy, and I also do not deny that it sucks being strapped for cash all the time. I want to be more financially responsible, but I know better than to make it an actual new years resolution.

Who knows? This may be my only post in LJ for all of 2009. I barely remember it *is* 2009, these days. I will see you all where I see you. On Facebook, most likely. Hope you are all well, and as shocked as I think you will be to find a post here from me, I hope it made you smile, just a little. :)

28th March 2006

11:37pm: Just a fun little quizzie I took. I like it that I'm a nymph. (No, not a NYMPHO! *sniffles* I thought you were my friends!) ;o) Have fun, and share results in my comments...

What type of Fae are you?
11:15pm: Revamped
Man, I need to change my colors and stuff on here sometime. I know...there's only so much you can do without a paid account, but I am getting a bit sick of the bright yellow on the "Tarts & Brutes" page. I'm glad at least a few of the tarts are on here. Hopefully there are voyeurs on my humble little blog, anyway. *cranes neck* Anyone? Helloooooo? :) I know Kecky is here, at the very least.
You know, I never noticed before I just started posting on here again recently, but LJ autosaves your post every few seconds, which is sorta cool. I never saw it doing that before, but it's good, especially if you have really long and rambling posts, which I haven't been having lately, but will probably come back in the future; perhaps when I don't have so much good reading material piling up. There are a few new books that I still want to get, but we'll see when that's going to happen. I am trying not to stress too much about bills, but it's worked out so far, so I can't think that way.
Anyway, I'm going to read some more of "The Autumn Castle." It's SO good! I think the author is Kim Wilkins, for interested parties. I need another vampire book soon, or I'm going to start thinking that I don't like reading them anymore, and that will never do. :) I'll keep you posted. (I know...how exciting... "I can't wait to read about Niq's latest book.") Yeah, well...that's why I am writing this blog for me. MEEEE! Yeah, sure...that's why I'm always soliciting for comments. Pfft. ;) Anyway, I'm off. Hopefully I'll be back in the very near future to torment you all on your own blogs, and comment. Maybe I'll use atrocious spelling and grammatical errors. ...eh...
Current Mood: chipper

25th March 2006

12:57pm: Lysistrata
Oh my...last night was rather fun and interesting. The girls and I went to see a weird SciFi B-movie rendition of the Aristophanes Greek Comedy, "Lysistrata." Can I just say, it was HILARIOUS? I mean...how can you not laugh when the guys (who are being denied sex from their wive's, in an attempt for the women to take control and stop the war that's been raging for longer than many of them have been alive) come in with giant phallic pool noodles strapped to their waists, and giant glittering blue balls hanging underneath? Oh man...it was pretty crazy. The best part is, they used a lot of the original language, (slightly modified to encompass the whole "set in space" thing-the cities of Thebes, Athens, Sparta, etc., became planets in the "Greek system" instead. It was flipping hilarious. There was a lot of innuendo and double entendre, and it's definitely a must see.
Kind of disturbing that they have a Sunday afternoon matinee performance. Hopefully nobody has churchgoing parents that decided to go and support their child's performance. (Also, who wants to add to their acting resumé that they played "3rd Horny Girl" in a college stage performance of Lysistrata that was and homage to so many crappy SciFi movies, including the Ed Wood classic, "Plan 9 From Outer Space." What is NOT to love, I ask you?
OK, I'm off to go "bang some hair" (as they say in one of my favorite movies of all time, "Steel Magnolias"). Jen is coming over, and I'm going to trim her hair, which she apparently can't do anything with, as it is. If anything else exciting happens today, I'll be sure to relate it here. :)
Current Mood: giddy

23rd March 2006

8:36pm: Currently
I'm shoe shopping online, because I need new shoes, Mine are SO falling apart. I tried to fill in the cracked part of the soles of my regular work shoes with hot glue, but it just peeled right off after I wore them for a while. It's annoying...when it rains, my feet get all wet. The other ones are broken too...the strap doesn't snap down anymore. (You know the ones...from Hot topic, with the double straps and the whole dracula thing going on (black outside, red inside.) Maybe I'll check out HotTopic.com or something, and see if they have anything similar. But for now, I'm headed over to eBay to find out what they got.
Going to Lysistrata with the ladies tomorrow night. I am way excited about it. Supposedly there's a SciFi theme to it, which will be very interesting. Krys wants me to get Derek to go, but I think he's Xboxing with Joshula tomorrow night. It's cool...I don't blame him in the slightest. He had to wait SO long for his Xbox 360. I like our all-girls nights, anyway. *wiggles eyebrows* hee hee...we haven't even had topless night swimming in a long time. Hmph. Oh well, it will be nice just to GO night swimming again, someday. *pencils it in* Kecky, don't let me forget.
Current Mood: bouncy

22nd March 2006

12:48am: Yeah, but No...
*sigh* I'm up way too late AGAIN. I better get to bed soon, or I will not have enough sleep to get through the day tomorrow.
Derek called a little while ago to say that he doesn't have a cord that will hook his new Xbox 360 to the tv at his work, so he is unable to pass the long evening hours playing with his new system. He's going to check out Radio Shack tomorrow, but for now, he'll just have to do the old-fashioned thing, and *gasp* read a book. I know.
So, anyway, I gleaned some great news the other day, and I was going to keep it to myself, but I just can't anymore: The Dresden Dolls are coming out with a new CD next month, called "Yes, Virginia" (as in, "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus"). I am so excited about it! I downloaded a few more Dresden Dolls songs from iTunes last night, even though I could have gotten them for free from Beck. *shrugs* It's okay, I can waste my money how I choose. :)
Ok, I'm really considering bed now. It's almost one a.m. Ooh...one more thing. I finally figured out what the Flaming Lips song was that I loved from all those years ago, and never could remember: It's called "Bad Days". It is SO great! Lemme find the lyrics, so you can see what I mean:

Bad Days~The Flaming Lips

You're sorta stuck where you are
But, in your dreams you can buy expensive cars,
or live on mars
and have it your way

And you hate your boss at your job
well in your dreams you can blow his head off
in your dreams
show no mercy

And all your bad days will end
And all your bad days will end
You have to sleep late when you can
And all your bad days will end

Oh my gosh... ~*LOVE*~
Current Mood: awake

21st March 2006

12:45am: And Her Boyfriends, too...
*sigh* It's getting to that time of night where I start to regret that I am still awake. It's been a good evening, over all. I think I temporarily lost 1.30 or so from iTunes, but it will show back up eventually. I am just happy I got all the music I did. I got the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra doing all the HP songs, and the Feist CD, plus lots of other stuff. My favorite new section in iTunes is the iTunes Essentials "My Groove" section, where they have compilations they made, so you can sorta find stuff in the same category. The best one was called "Guilty Pleasures". It was all the music we are all ashamed that we like, and know the words to. I got a Spice Girls song from there, and I saw Hanson and Right Said Fred (I'm Too Sexy). :) It was lots of fun.
I got the song "Everything About You" by Ugly Kid Joe, and "Brown Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison, and a song by a new group (to me, anyway) called Wild Strawberries...a song called "Blunt". Haven't listened to all of it yet, but we'll see how it is.
I am really digging one of my purchases...a song Keck and I heard on the movie, "The Gift"...it's "Furnace Room Lullaby" by Neko Case (and Her Boyfriends) Nice. I'm going to put it on repeat for a while, because I am just totally digging it. Let's see if I can dig up the lyrics real quick-like:

Furnace Room Lullaby~Neko Case & Her Boyfriends

All night
All I hear
All I hear's your heart
How come
How come

I twisted you over
And under to take you
The coals went so wild
As they swallowed the rest
I twisted you under
And under to break you
I just couldn't breathe
With your throne on my chest

All night
All I hear
All I hear's your heart
How come
How come

So far under the bed
Into the beams you've gone
I've gone
You've gone

I'm wrapped in the depths
Of these deeds that have made me
I can't bring a sound
From my head though I try
I can't seem to find
My way up from the basement
A demon holds my place
On earth 'til I die

All night
All I hear
All I hear's your heart
How come
How come

So far under the bed
Into the beams you've gone
I've gone
You've gone

All night
All I hear
All I hear
All I hear's your heart

Yeah, you definitely need to hear it to do it justice.

20th March 2006

9:20pm: Feelin' Groovy
I'm listening to a new CD Maria recommended to me, by a girl called Feist. She's really easy on the ears. :) I'm eating some biscuits with jelly for dinner, and downloading music, and I felt like journaling, so, here I am.
We got Derek his Xbox 360 at long last. He got a couple of games too, so he's giving them each a little spin, before settling into just one. I made sure he got all the trimmings with it, and was rewarded with a little something for me: the special edition DVD of "My Fair Lady", which I've been eyeballing for ages, and...drumroll... the entire Sex and the City set...the gorgeous pink suede one in the lucite case. It's loooooverly. I felt like I was splurging on Manolo Blahniks or something, and it felt good.
So, I'm in a good mood right now. Another good thing: I was worried about our gas bill, so we've been hardly running the heater at all, and our bill was only $14 for the last month. hee hee...I feel so relieved about that.
See...things are going well! I am glad I can get onto live journal again. I snagged some of my icon pics from deviantArt.com. I'll try to use different ones, so if anyone happens to be reading *coughs*becky*coughs* they can see them all. :)
Oh, Keck...glad you are feeling better today. Yay for coldmeds. Woot!
Ooh, OOH! I can't wait for Lysistrata this weekend. I read the sparknotes for it online today, because it's been a while since I read it. It came back to me. It should be hilarious and fun! All for less than the price of a movie! ($7, for those so inclined). Culture! *woots* How WILL I pass the time, until then??.....
Current Mood: Kick-Back
12:04am: I heart Heart
Okay, so I am finally back. I haven't journaled on here in a long time, but I plan to come back now, since I actually have internet at home. Woot! It feels good to get back into it. I don't journal in my physical journal all that much either, but I hope to also remedy that. I can take it with me to work, or something.
Well, what's new... Lots, actually. Most recently, I placed an order on www.bn.com and I got a $30 atlas for free, plus free shipping, for setting up my account on the website, and placing an order for a book I was going to buy anyway. Less than 7 dollars for a book I was going to buy earlier this evening, but a whole atlas in addition. SWEET!
Ugh...it's midnight now, so I guess I'd better get to bed. Work on the 'morrow. I swear, the weekends are shrinking.
Current Mood: cheerful

21st September 2005

9:15pm: NIN icon
I currently am using a gif icon I snagged from someone online. More cool NIN icons to come, later. :) I'm sorry I never post. I wouldn't be surprised if nobody reads my journal anymore, and I wouldn't blame you. I never have time to get on here to update, and I'm so busy with wedding plans and such, that it wouldn't be that interesting for you to read anyway, probably.
Anyway, what is new with everyone? My brother may be coming for the wedding, and we've gotten lots of RSVPs for the masquerade party. :) Woot! It's going to be a lot of fun. My October is so busy, I'm going to be married before I know it. It's kinda crazy. I was thinking that once I get to do a few of the things I have planned to do in October, I'll only be a few weeks away from getting married.
Speaking of weddings, I went to Jared's wedding on Saturday. It was rather nice, actually. The song they played during the ceremony was "God Bless the Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts. It almost made me cry, actually. The reception was even sort of fun...they did karaoke, a big pastime of the happy couple. They are on honeymoon now. (Can't wait for mine, woohoo!)
OK, that's enough. I'll try to have my twice yearly update a little sooner next time. Sorry for being such a flake on here. :) Hope everyone is doing well.
Current Mood: relaxed

2nd April 2005

2:00pm: Strange But True
My parents and Josh (Deb's son) are tiling our kitchen right now, and I am just bumming around, checking out websites I found yesterday in the wedding magazines. I found the strangest thing I've ever seen. For the girl who has everything:
At www.redenvelope.com, in the section called "gifts for her" (or something to that effect), I found a shiitake mushroom log. Yes, it's an actual trunk of a tree, maybe a foot high, and you put it in a tray, and it yields a crop of shiitake mushrooms within 10 days. It also continues to yield mushrooms for years to come, about every 8-10 weeks or so. Man...talk about a fungus experiment. It takes growing mold in a petrie dish to a whole new level. It's actually kind of a cool thing, but not something I ever imagined existed. *shakes head* I just had to share. I'll let you know if I find anything else worth mentioning. Until then...
*Blows kisses to the tarts*

p.s. for Qlo...thanks for the blood money. Are you going to tell them they can't squeeze any more money out of you this month? ASAP...so they won't charge you anymore. I think our year is up as of this month. ~Good luck!~

27th March 2005

1:34pm: Kecky...you have to take this quiz!!!
Keck...your quiz give you Gerard as Attila as the one mortal you would shag, when you aren't shagging the gods. Give it a go, you've nothing to lose. Also, look at other results for more Gerry fun. (One was a pic of him with a doberman at his feet that I didn't recognize what it was from.) *snuggleloves*
*waves at everyone* Have a great fertility celebration today, everyone!

Saucy Minx

Which Pagan Goddess Are You? by kira_may
You are:
You favourite trick:Visiting the dreams of mortals
Your feeling towards mortals:They make good slaves
When you sleep with mortals, your lover is:
Mortal you'd most like to smite:Britney Spears
Quiz created with MemeGen!

19th February 2005

12:51pm: My head is spinning....
You guys HAVE to check out this site... It is interesting, even if some of you think it is NOT indisputable proof that PAUL IS DEAD:


14th February 2005


Erik owns

my heart

And...The Green Fairy strikes, this Valentine's Day...

Current Mood: loved
10:51pm: She's taking a break, she needs a break...
I was going to get down to reading some more Anita Blake, vampire hunter, (Lunatic Cafe, for those interested) and decided to come check out the Jay Leno interview with Gerard that Kecky was telling me about earlier.
Not much new today. I got to spend some time with my mama tonight for v-day, since dad's on the road, and Derek was sleeping, in preparation for his 11 pm shift at work. So, we went to dinner at Quiznos (I highly recommend the Roadhouse Roast Beef Salad...SO yummy!) and then we went to Rite Aid and looked at makeup and other fun-ness. :) It was a good little mother-daughter night. Alas, I mostly bought things I needed, but I did manage to get some blue sparkly lip gloss that smells pretty good for the exorbitant price of $1.99. ;) Great fun was had by all.
On another note, I think I'll be getting over $800 back from my federal taxes which is SO awesome, considering the sorry state of my finances lately. I will be glad to restock my savings account (or rather, stock it, since it was never really "full", per se), and have a bit more of a cushion than before. That will make me feel a whole lot better.
Well, the interview is only 55% downloaded. DSL my ass. I am gonna bring Anita in here to keep my company while I wait. *smooches* I'll try to get on here more. I enjoy keeping in contact with all the literati-ans statewide. Keep up the good work, everyone....er, whatever it is you're doing. ;) hee hee...
Current Mood: relaxed

9th February 2005

12:19am: Tired...
I never post anymore. Hmph. This is due (mostly) to the disconcerting advent of the blocking of LJ posting from my work computer. Thusly, I am restricted to spending my time at home checking LJ, and I just don't want to spend more time at a computer after 9 hours at work, sitting...you guessed it, at a computer. It doesn't mean I don't love you all! It's not you, it's me!! ;) No really...I have to do this more often, methinks. I have *so* much going on lately. *rolls eyes*
I'll give you the lowdown at a later date. (Translation: You'll be lucky if I get back on here by May, or even in '05 at all) ;) j/k...I'll do my best, if only to see all the Gerry Butler pics flooding my friends page. *le sigh* He is so HOTT right now!
Current Mood: calm

28th December 2004

12:29am: Phantom...
*sigh* It was so.....GOOD. The film just makes me go gooey, when I think of it. I think I shall go see it with Derek soon. As in...tomorrow, maybe? I get shivers when I think of how splendid the movie was. I mean, I even liked Raoul, and I think it's because of the leftover shiverloves from the lovely, lovely Erik/Phantom/Gerard/beloved-of-mine. I must own everything with Gerard Butler now, because he is just the cats pie-jammie mammies at the mo.

Okay, I think it's time to sleep. I also haven't journaled in my real actual and physically real and everlasting journal (compliments of Kecky...sporting aforementioned Phantom on the cover with the black mask, caressing the neck of that scandalously scantily-clad Christine. You got to kiss Gerard AND Patrick. *You GO girl*

Current Mood: fluttery

15th November 2004

10:52pm: Final Trailer
Well, I watched the trailer at least 5 times now; a far cry from the 20 I promised Chloe, but it's of no consequence. I am going to get sleep tonight if it kills me. I am also going to leave this screen open, so that I can come back to it whenever I want to. I have to show my maman the new trailer tomorrow. She is going to be almost as excited as me. She practically jumps up and down with excitement just as much as me.

If I didn't tell you, we went and saw Phantom of the Opera when I was in 4th grade, so it's sort of something I share with my mom, and we are very excited about the movie. I must say, this trailer helps me appreciate Raoul's charms a little more. And from what I've heard, he has a great voice as well. So...it's all going to be ok. I mean...Christine can go off with Raoul, and that just leaves Erik open for the taking. hee hee...I'm sure Derek won't mind... ;)

Anyway, I just wanted to post. Might as well keep up my winning streak, since I've had a few drought-riddled months with no LJ at all. It's all feast or famine with me, folks. But, you knew that. I'm the kind of girl who finds an obsession, and everything else goes away for a while. I can't believe I never thought of this as such a great outlet/avenue to channel my obsession into. Phantom is the king of the hill which is my thought-life these days. I am not ashamed to admit it. WoOt!

Just so you know, I am of course still in love with Derek, and we're still engaged. I just have a little "Phantasy" about the Phantom Erik. *shivers* I'm going to go puddle now. Maybe just one more eensy-weensy viewing of the trailer, before bed...
Current Mood: excited

13th November 2004

3:31pm: *poses question*
Does anyone know my Saucy Minx email addy? I can't ever remember it...
3:20pm: What would I do without my obsessions?
I would shrivel up and die, methinks. :) My LJ icons are the most wonderful things I have ever pilfered. :)

Ooh...I have a good story. I was AIMing with a friend from elementary school the other night, and he had been there when I saw Phantom of the Opera (Andrew Lloyd Webbers) back in 1990 at the Ahmanson Theater in Los Angeles (where we are both from). We were talking about that trip, and I was telling him how I'd been stuck in the parking levels with my mom, lost, and unable to meet the cast, as we were supposed to be doing right then (it was a G.A.T.E. class I had taken, and it was all pre-arranged). Well...he told me that they met Sarah Brightman, but that Michael Crawford never showed, so I guess it's okei...the Phantom was my real passion anyway. That show literally wrenched my soul, and I wept SO hard at the end.

Well, after the big ordeal with getting trapped in the parking levels, we finally emerged outside, and it was time for everyone to get together and start rounding up our trip, to get back on the bus and go home. So...no souvenirs for me either. I was so upset by that, and David (the friend I AIMed with the other night) offered to give me his keychain he had gotten from the souvenir shop. I declined, because I was bitter about the "no souvenir" thing, and didn't want to take his, anyway. Well, the other night, when we were reminiscing about this, he said "hold on...afk" and so I talked to kecky while I was waiting (on AIM) and when he came back, he had posted a link for me to go to. He has his own server, and had taken a digital pic of the very keychain in question, so he could show me that, nearly 15 years later, he still has it! I was just dumbfounded. He has lately been listening to the CD all the time, just like me. :) It's funny how the new movie coming out can get people all into a frenzy. I was always obsessed with PotO, but now I have fresh fodder with which to feed said obsession. *gah!* I can't wait for the movie to come out!!! Must...see...movie...
Current Mood: excited
2:48pm: *cries with joy*
Maybe my *little* obsession with Phantom of the Opera will force me, with the help of my nummy new LJ icons, to start to LJ again. I haven't been on in oodles of ages, because I can't ever lj at work, and I am never at home, but perhaps I can make the time for the odd post or two, since I do get on the comp. nightly to check for updates on the upcome ALW movie version of Phantom of the Opera.

Currently reading Gaston Leroux's novel of the same name, which is just heartrending and exquisite. I figured I could go back to the source while I'm waiting for the movie to come out. Besides, every so often, I can look up at my wall and stare at my newly acquired movie poster on the wall. The man is trés sexy, and he wears black, and he's misunderstood (to say the least) and has been an outcast for the whole of his existence. Still, he manages to make the most beautiful, otherworldly and soul-weeping music known to the existence of mankind. If ever there were an Angel of Music, it would be he. Also, I love the look from Don Juan Triumphant, with the black leather top-half mask; enough that I made it my default icon. Feast your eyes on THAT. (Also, in comments, look for my alternate icon. The phantom is the sexiest ever, let me tell you...

Christine is a damn fool.
Current Mood: satisfied

2nd October 2004

12:18am: Dear Friends...
Well, I am posting. *waves* I know...not much fanfare at my re-arrival. But, alas, I have some distressing news: the reason I haven't been posting is that I can no longer get to LJ at work, because the freakin' moderators started blocking it. The reason stated is that LJ is "tasteless". They can suck my ass. :)

Anywho...lots of news, but Becqui is here right now, so I'll truncate a bit. I got to catch up with some old friends (try ELEMENTARY SCHOOL friends) this week. Very cool. :) Hooray for David's new baby boy, Shawn! :) Okay...so you have no idea what I am talking about. David is one of my childhood best friends and his son is really cute! :) That is all. *contented sigh*

Current Mood: cheery

20th September 2004

10:52am: *yawn*
Well, I had a pretty good weekend, all in all. On Friday my back was killing me for some reason, so after a bit of shopping and dinner at Casa Ramos, I spent some time laying on my bed flat on my back to ease the pain, and Derek was sitting on the floor assembling our new Risk board, Risk 2210 A.D. That game just ROCKS, let me tell you. (Saturday night we played for about an hour or so.) We loved Risk already, and we had classic and the LOTR version (which we just got the version for all three movies, whereas before we only had the Two Towers version). Haven't played the new LOTR version yet, but it looks cool. It has a much larger map than the other one did. Derek played with Kyle at work, and he said the new map makes things more even; before, the bad guys sort of had more of an advantage: in a two person game, the dark side almost always won.
Saturday night, we tarts went to the movies and saw Resident Evil Apocalypse. It was really good. We were sufficiently creeped out by it. Actually, all the previews were for creepy movies too, so that didn't help much. The zombies weren't so scary (because they're slow, like zombies tend to be) but the dogs were icky again and, some of the scenes were rather disturbing, like the priest who was holed up in his office with his infected sister, who he was feeding, as evidenced by the mangled and bloody limbs all over the floor in front of her. Can you say, "EW"?? Afterward, we were talking in the parking lot, and at every sound, we would turn around to look for an approaching Zombie. *shivers*
Anyway, yesterday, Cheeky Wench was supposed to be leaving to go back home (after her short stay here with us) and when we took her to the bus, it turned out to be a bum deal, with a huge layover for half the night in Sacramento, and she'd be all alone in a strange bus station for 3 1/2 hours, and I just figured, it would be a lot more fun for all of us to drive down there together, so that's what we did. The tarts drove to Pittsburgh, CA and Cheeky took the BART back into the city. I got home around 11:30, and pretty much went straight to bed. Sadly, I didn't get to see my Derek last night, but it's okay: I'll see him tonight for sure. I think. *shrugs* Sometimes a friend has to do what a friend has to do.
Anyway, that's all the news I can think of. Back to work I go. ~Blah~
Current Mood: chipper

16th September 2004

10:29am: Down, down...
Today is not one of those mythical "good" days. I feel like I'm stuck up to my knees in mucky-muck, and I don't even really have much in my personal life to complain about, but it's the satellite family members that have me concerned.

Firstly: My Aunt, two cousins, brother, sister in law and two nephews (at least) are being directly affected by Hurricane Ivan. They live in Pensacola, FL and Valdosta, GA respectively. I think my bro may just have high winds and rain, but my Uncle (who is in the Navy and currenly out to sea) may lose his house in Pensacola. My aunt Yolie and the kids are currently staying with family in Houston, so they are safe, but I am not sure about Eric and Jess and the boys. Dad tried to call this morning, but apparently the phone lines are down already, and we don't have his cell number, for some inexplicable reason.
Secondly: My sister got a notice yesterday that their water supply has been found to have e coli bacteria in it. *HELLO!* I never knew that North Dakota was a fucking third world country. Now, we may have an infected Nephy-poo, and he's not even 3 months old yet. This shit kills babies his age, and I am really really worried. It is almost making me sick. Jen hasn't been using bottled water to make his formula, and they've all been sort of sick lately. *prays harder than ever in her life* -sigh- There isn't much else I can do from this distance. I am going to call her at lunch time and see what is new, so hopefully I can get through to her. Please everyone, send your prayers and good thoughts their way, because this could be really serious. Thanks so much.
Anyway, other than that, I'm okay. I think when I'm down, everything starts to get me down...

I am having weigh and measure day today at Curves, and it will be the first time I've been there since before Labor Day. So, about 2 weeks. (Yeah...I know) It's not going to be pretty. I have no motivation. I don't even want to go. I have to find a way out of this. Maybe get transferred to Anderson, get my mom to join and go with me. I have to find some incentive to continue on. If I get any more gelatinous, I will not be responsible for my actions. (No, I won't kill myself, but if you notice me stop eating, or drinking coffee from Starbucks, now you'll know why...) Not like I have the money anyway...
Maybe I should go back and put a disclaimer on the top of this post, so everyone who doesn't want to read the depressing part can skip out. Yeah...I'm gonna LJ cut it....sorry...I can't fucking get it to work. Suffer with my insanity and depression along with me, I guess. Blah...

So, anyway...everything pretty much seems to suck when I feel like this. I didn't see Derek yesterday either (Fable debuted, at long last), and I had a backache with nobody to rub it out.

The good news....It's finally becoming fall!! It's supposed to be down in the low 70's by Saturday. I need to get out all my cold-weather clothing. :) WoOt! So, there's something to look forward to. That, and I turn 24 next month. :o ...yeah...good news...
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9th September 2004

11:03am: FAST at a dead stop...
Well, our online production system is down, and I've been reading Dune: House Corrino for three hours. I would have slept in if I'd known. *dag*
Well, things are looking up. Last night I was talking to 'Rek, and he's going to look into renewing his CNA license, so he can go back to nursing. He is getting majorly burned out on the job he's in, and there's no real advancement opportunity. So, he has to figure out what he's going to do to get back into it. I told him he should try to get into the nursing program at Shasta, because there's a lot more out there for him as an RN than as a CNA, and he can totally do it. Also, as self-serving as it sounds, I feel more secure about our future if he switches back to being a CNA. I know he doesn't care if I make more money than him or not, but I care. I care especially when I don't even make $10 an hour. (Well...close enough...) There is no way we can even survive on what we make right now; not with car payments and all the other little things life throws at you. I want to start saving for retirement (because God knows nobody else [ie SS] will be able to help us out by then...) I don't expect any sort of assistance, but I want to be able to provide for myself, and the way things are going now, I really hope I don't live to be a very old person, or I'll be on the freakin' streets.
Wow...the ETA for a fix for our FAST program is 1 pm, and it's only 11:14...That means I could go to lunch at a normal time, and come back at 1 o'clock, and it'll still not be fixed, in all probability. I don't know what the hell is wrong, but they need to get their asses moving.
Anyway, back to Dune, I guess. At least I am finally making some headway on this book. I will be a little sad when I'm done, because then I have to start reading the old books, and I know they are the classics that started the whole thing, but I don't know...I think his writing style is different, and I'll have to get used to it. *sigh*

Where are all the freakin' margaritas? :op
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